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All the uninteresting things I do..
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12th-Nov-2007 11:24 am(subjectless)
Fuck it.
Fuck. Everything.
I fail.
18th-Aug-2007 09:30 pm - Things that have been happening..
Sooo, onto business.
In backwards order- yesterday I arrived in Northernlands, which I still maintain is full of people who do nothing but discuss their own health (and you can be there will be something wrong, be it a fungal toenail infection or the plague), and who happens to be in hospital this week. Despite how cold it really is, I find myself complaining its freezing, that the weather is far worse than it is in the south, and also shiver a lot. Having said all this, it's been stuff-happenin'-a-plenty. We went to the Baltic Art Centre in Gateshead (or Gaaayyytss-hedd as it is pronounced here) where they had a Beryl Cook exhibition, plus lots of crazy modern art. In the giftshop they had "Instantaneous understanding of modern art" breath spray, which was a tempting buy..

Thursday was results day which was.. surprisingly up and down throughout. Celebrations consisted of nandosing it up and going to see the Bratz movie with Claire and Joe, both of whom seemed to sink lower into their seets as it progressed. How they made a bad film over two hours long is beyond me, but at least we got our money's worth of badness (?). But the point is results were far far better than expected (screw you Amanda) and all is good in that department.

Wednesday was recovering from Tuesday. Tuesday was hilariii. Being already a wonderful half/mostly-drunken account on Claire's livejournal, i shall try and make more sense. We went to topshop in order to put together the most hideous raaave yah dahling outfits we possibly could, which was sucessful and ended in a changing room photoshoot. The highlight of our outfits had to be the illuminous shiny glittery leggings in various violent shades, made worse by the fact they were made out of a very tight rubbery material that snapped every time you tried to adjust them. Although Claire's 80's gold denim jacket and shorts combo also were a triumph. After this adventure we went back to the Apple store (for like.. the third time) to get me some replacement earphones, but of course they didnt have any. Instead they were advertising a "close intimate gig" with Natalie Imbruglia (the spelling of which I cannot be bothered to check), which we then set ourselves to attend for JKZ. 

After Camden-chickening, we met Jonny (in a suit) in Starbucks went to Holland Park and drank too much wine. Way too much wine. Very quickly, as apparently we needed wasto get rid of it before Alex turned up. This failed.  Then we went off in search of Natalie Imbruglia, apart from we somehow acquired another bottle of wine and got as far as Hyde Park Corner before deciding to stop under a giant monument arch thing (i still am not clear what this was). This is where it went bad and I remember less. But after two eventful trips into the bathrooms of the most expensive hotel of all time, and me shouting quite a lot that I didn't want to go to Hammersmith, and Jonny reassuring me we weren't going to Hammersmith, we got a bus back to Kensington High Street, walked the entire length of it back to the off licence, then walked back to the station. I'm not sure why this happened but it was fairly excessive when I think about it. Our tickets were way too crunched up to go through the machines, and the operator people were raising eyebrows. And for the first time EVER we didn't get on the district line train, and we didn't end up terminated at Edgeware Road :) We never did make it back to the Apple store..

All in all, some good days.
13th-May-2007 02:08 pm(subjectless)

Horrible weather, but good weekend times. Went to Kerrys for like four hours and played Warioware, which is very strange but pure genius. And then random times with David and Galen.

Which was lav.

Oh god i'm going to fail english if I dont start working. Badly. Instead we keep eating..

8th-Apr-2007 02:48 pm(subjectless)

Things I learnt this week:

1) Eating strawberry trifle on webcam is not seductive.
2) Managing to drop the entire trifle on the floor and onto a laptop is easier than I thought it would be.
3) Jane Austen will not go away even if you attack it with a mallet.
4) Karaoke at 2 in the morning is never a good idea.
5) Two large pizzas and garlic bread between three people is over-ordering.
6) Using cutlery and dishes is inevitable, no matte how hard you try to resist.
7) I will never not see anybody on Kensington High Street/It will never not be a nice day.
8) Thou shall always have petal fights. 
9) Just because drinking lots of  wine the night before didn't have much effect, doesn't mean I can handle the same liquid quantity in vodka.
10) If we can use London Underground drunk, it must be impossible to mess it up sober.
11) The dishwasher is the greatest invention all time - and you can put wine glasses in it :]
12) I will fail to recognise public holidays if my parents are not there to remind me.
13) Getting frustrated with the central heating and setting it to 40 before you go to sleep is damaging.
14) Galen travels in time and space.
15) Trying to eat three meals in one, in an attempt to consume all the food you were expected to eat is foolish. 
16) I fail at running a house.

7th-Apr-2007 12:34 am - HWAHHTT

LOl that id dnot iust happen. I am seripusly impressed we got home:)
And now i am going to bes ick

17th-Mar-2007 11:15 pm - Strange Times
Again with the strange day/random chance meetings.

So because there was apparently something going down, according to the most unreliable source in the world- no names mentioned, and seeing it was Mothers Day tomorrow (established as the worst holiday of all time), we went to the ol'  London. 
Mothers Day shopping was awful, unoriginality wins every time. 
Also possibly saw a certain person/stalked them down the street with some revenge-like tactics in mind. Which failed. But still.

And eight hours later, we spontaneously met Ollie for Starbucks. And then we went to his houuuse and met his parents, who seemed fairly relieved I think. Then we drank tea on his kitchen floor and mooched in his room and wore his shirts and listened to all the tunes and he bassoon'D it up and it was just generally legend times. Especially the odd shaped chairs. And just actually being there after so long.

Then Claire and I played the bluetooth game, which basically consisted of trying to guess who the people listed were on the platform, and attempting to send them a picture of surroundings/themselves. Needless to say it didn't really work.

And that was a pathetic account, but now, I am le tired.

14th-Mar-2007 04:00 pm - News Day
Today has been good times and everything, but I'm getting a little bored of writing and setting out articles.
Plus Jolene and I's TRIDENT article is going on the front page, and it's somewhat lacking in any skill at all. I wanted to phone up the government and ask for/be rejected for a comment on the subject but apparently this is not a good idea.
But we did have Pizza courtesy of Sid.
And now i'm just very tired and I really want to go home.
3rd-Mar-2007 11:57 pm - The most amazing day ever.
I am actually still so spazzing about this.
We met everybody and it was incredible.

7th-Feb-2007 12:47 pm(subjectless)
le sigh.
18th-Jan-2007 10:59 pm(subjectless)
Ollie, just to let you know:

I am as happy as this chunk cat, ok? :)
(By the way, despite the expression on his face, he is actually extremely joyous).
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